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Our Mission Statement & Vision:

The proposed charter school, Staten Island Green Charter School for Environmental Discovery (SIGCSED), is a K-8 college preparatory school that seeks to help prepare the youth in meeting the challenges of developing good citizenship, as well as life-long learning and leadership, in the 21st century. It primarily focuses on advocating for environmental preservation, healthy lifestyle, and artistry by incorporating them into its curriculums and instruction.

The mission of SIGCSED is to help increase student literacy in Staten Island, New York to at least 85 percent through early intervention; thereby, closing the achievement gap for all students. To achieve this, the school intends to provide parents and guardians with instructional programs on parenting, as well as nurture students in the K-8 level, with a developmental kindergarten program and other instructional programs that ultimately support learning through technology, health and wellness, and entrepreneurship. The school will also utilize a learning program featuring exploratory community-based learning, which will inspire students in exploring and addressing the problems associated with pollution, health care, recycling, energy consumption, and economic growth.

About our Curriculum:

Our school's curriculum is focused on developing environmental awareness. Our rigorous curriculum interconnects the problems associated with pollution, and climate changes, as well as directs students to discover methods of improving the physical environment through energy conservation, and environmental harmony.


Staten Island Green Charter School for Environmental Discovery seeks to be a pioneer in establishing an environment friendly school both in terms of building construction and curriculum development. The school anticipates empowering the youth as citizens and entrepreneurs developing a strong culture that will cultivate the growing green economy and help restore and preserve the natural environment. Excelling in both traditional and innovative curriculum areas, the students of SIGCSED will learn and recognize their ability to become effective leaders of tomorrow through technology support from the school and by actively exploring the meaning of green and engaging in learning activities that are environmentally based.

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